My cultural inheritance is surrealistic. I grew up in Puerto Rico, where normal events seem to always have a spin on the fantastical. My drawings naturally move in an organic and Hypnagogic way. I try to bring them to ‘reality’, by mixing them into public environments or collaging photographic images that give my seemingly figures a place to belong. There is a caricature nature to the imagery I create and a vast sense of eternal space.

The Luminas series is an investigation into the unknown as a process to paint. Starting with gestures on paper I never know where it may lead me. Mostly figures emerge, eventually asking for a place to reside. The word Luminas derives from Numina’s, which stands for the divine essence that is found in all living things. To me the Luminas live in between earth and heaven. They show up to heal and dissipate conflict. I like to think of them as Gravitational superstars, airborne, amorphous, not quite three-dimensional, as they are not of the human kind. They are curious, and they live among humans, but not always visible to the eye. They are mystical and dwell in an invisible layer. So as I hold a Magnifying glass I do my best to capture this unique beings.


Email: marlen.lugo@yahoo.com

Instagram: @magiclava